Welcome to Compumsa !

Good news ! We took over the activities of Power4PC on 16 August 2017 and we look forward to meeting your expectations as soon as possible !
We will work hard to make you even more satisfied than in the past and be your favourite supplier for a long time !

We are a computer parts e-commerce founded in the summer of 2006 to provide mainly enthusiasts, connoisseurs and more and more a less informed public.
Our small but solid, efficient, dynamic and specialised structure allows us to offer you the best price/services ratio in Belgium !

We can almost get everything, do not hesitate to contact us if you want an IT article out of our catalogue !

Our company is located in Waver and we are trilingual to answer you in your language.
Our website is almost fully translated and it will be improved in the coming weeks.

We have imported your contact information into our system and you can now request a password via the function "Forgot your password?" present on the login page.
You will automatically receive a 10 € discount on your first order (of minimum 100 €) at Compumsa !

See you soon !