Conditions of sales

-> Our protection policy of your personal data
-> Information in accordance with belgian regulations concerning the withdrawal

1- Application fields

The "store" or "we" : The company "Computersmsa SPRL" represented by the website "", "" or its personnel.
The "customer" or "you" : The individual or the company that placed an order via the website after accepting the terms of sale, or having given his agreement following a manual order.

The conditions of sale below apply between the store and the customer during each order and take precedence over any other text.

A non-common item is a non-catalog item, or an item with a value greater than 400€.

2- Prices et informations

The prices displayed on our site include all taxes and contributions: VAT, recupel contribution, bebat contribution, reprobel contribution, auvibel contribution...
When you order on our site, you receive an automatic order receipt confirmation that confirms receipt of your order and its registration in our system.
This is not a legally binding order confirmation, we check your order as soon as possible and will contact you if we have a concern with it.
The prices shown in the confirmation of receipt of order are deemed final unless they require us to sell at a loss.
If we cannot maintain the expected prices without selling at a loss, we will offer the customer to delete his order or accept a price revision with prices without margins for us.

3- Payments

We add an additional 1.3% to cover the transaction costs of card payments.
Transaction fees for Bancontact payments are non-refundable.
Orders are released (shipment or pickup) only after receipt of payment.

For sales with invoice payments (belgian and regular business customers) :
Except deals, our terms of payment are cash payment.
If we do not receive payment within 30 days, we reserve ourselves the right to charge 15% of the invoice amount as compensation as well as 1% of monthly interest on the amounts due.

4- Times and transport

Delivery times, dates, ... are sincere, but not contractual.
In case of a damaged or suspicious package, you must absolutely place reservations concerning the condition of the parcel to the delivery man if you cannot verify the contents.
If there is indeed a problem, we must be notified within 48 hours. Otherwise compensation is impossible.

5- Warranties

RAM guide : link

Items intended for particular consumers are covered by a 2-year legal warranty.

Longer guarantees are commercial guarantees promised directly by the brand (after the 2 legal years).
The guarantee of these items is normally directly provided by the brands, if not, we reserve ourselves the right to invoice the costs related to the intervention outside the statutory warranty period of 2 years.

The warranty is only valid in accordance with the warranty conditions of the brand.
Example : no degradation or physical modification, good use ...
It is also strongly advised to keep packaging, manuals, accessories ...

Transportation costs and risks :
From the store to the customer -> at our charge (except wrong return)
From the customer to the store or brand -> at charge of the customer.

6- Information in accordance with belgian regulations concerning the withdrawal

Individual consumers have a 14-day retractation period.
Exceptions : Uncommon items (see General Terms of Sales), mounted computers, computers shipped with Windows installed, software and other customizations.

In order to retract you, you have this form that must be sended to us on time.

It is desirable :
- To send it to us by registered mail with Acknowledgment of receipt (proof of the request is the responsibility of the consumer).
- That the item, its accessories and the packaging are complete and in perfect condition, ideally not unpacked.
- That the article be returned to us within 3 working days of the acknowledgment of receipt of the request.

Transport costs and risks are in charge of the customer.

This possibility is reserved for honest customers, we do not tolerate abuse.
As a commercial service, we can as far as possible and according to the customer's profile, accept more flexibility in relation to legal dispositions that are already very permissive.

However, be responsible consumers, please inquire you as much as possible about the compatibilities, specifications, qualities and defects of the items before ordering. Contact us before ordering to get more information if needed.
The retractation does not replace the legal warranty as well as the logical duties of a pro and honest trader (reaction in case of delivery error...).

7- Reserve of property

The transfer of ownership takes place when the customer has paid the entire order. As long as the entire payment has not been made, the goods shall automatically remain our property.

8- Contestations

In case of dispute, only the commercial courts of Nivelles will be competent.
In case of loss of the customer, all costs will be claimed.