PC Assembly

PC Assembly
49,90 € VAT Incl
Additional informations
By precaution, we do not ship assembled PC by carrier, you must choose the removal option when ordering.
If you cannot move, contact us before ordering in order to find a solution together.

You wish that your PC is assembled by the professional team Compumsa? Nothing's easier!
You just need to order all components you need together with this service.
Once the PC is assembled, it will receive an adjustment of the bios/UEFI together with a stability test, this in order to allow it to work under the best conditions.

Our assembled PC are guaranteed part and labour during 2 years.
During the first 6 months, we anticipate the exchange of the components to repair the PC under approximately a week.
After that, the time depends on the reactivity of the manufacturer and/or supplier of the defective component, it can reach several weeks.

You also have the possibility of ordering a tranquility guarantee which makes you profit from a repair of the PC under 3 business days.
For one year : 10€ + 2% of price of the PC (a PC of 1000€ = the warranty costs 30€).
For two years : 10€ + 4% of price of the PC (a PC of 1000€ = the warranty costs 50€).

Boxes of all the components will be given to you with the PC.
PC assembling delay : 1-2 day (s).